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As a creative person and a strategic thinker, I enjoy complexity.
I believe that treating a disease or designing a product, service, or intervention flows from a deep understanding of experience, preferences, behavior, and context.

Success requires you to distill a host of insights: from patients, families, caregivers, physicians and medical staff. It includes factoring in the specific details of the disease (or health issue), and having a
solid grasp of what's happening in the broader marketplace.

For any given assignment, I work collaboratively with your team and bring in partners as needed.



With 20+ years specializing in healthcare, I've seen a career's-worth of commercial opportunity assessments, product and design strategies, and product launches, and I continue to be fascinated by the challenge of getting it exactly right. 

What's unique about my experience is that---aside from the business of science---I've worked extensively with creative agencies as both a client and as a Director of Operations. The collaborative process energizes me, and I take great joy in being the “analytical person” in a room of "creatives" (or the reverse, depending on the client).  On the provider side, I worked in my early career with Booz Allen as a consultant in their hospital practice.  

Since 2007, I have volunteered as a Patient Advocate/Representative to the National Cancer Institute and to a large consortium of academic medical centers. This role has me working with physician colleagues to design and monitor clinical trials, and offering the patient perspective at national conferences.  

I hold a  B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford, and an M.B.A from Harvard, and am a member of the Center for Health Experience Design. 

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